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TROESTER EP-Extruders for processing plastics are renowned for a design that guarantees an extremely long service life. The TROESTER EPH-extruder.gif (25100 bytes) engineering department continually optimizes and adapts them to current customer and market requirements.

Extensive extrusion trials with material suppliers play their part in this process. This also ensures that TROESTER customers always receive powerful extruder systems which are optimized in their operation - which naturally also extends to extruders for special applications.

EP-Extruders are used for the insulation and sheathing of electrical wire and cables. In the wire and cable industry, they are used to sheath cords, wires, cables and railing cables in order to increase corrosion and abrasion resistance. EP-Extruders are also used to sheath copper and steel tubing. 

 Main advantages of the EP-Extruder at a glance:
  • flexible application possibilities;
  • wide ranging production possibilities;
  • high output values with excellent linearity;
  • extremely low compound pressure and temperature fluctuations;
  • rapid installation and commissioning;
  • low-maintenance design for a long service life;
  • extensive range of extruder accessories;
  • TROESTER in-house screw development;
  • continual optimization through extrusion trials with material suppliers.
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